Foreign Tax Credit Planning

Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP, a New York international CPA firm can help you claim foreign tax credits on taxes paid to foreign companies.

Since the U.S. places limitations on using foreign tax credits, it is sometimes difficult for corporations and individuals to claim them. This can in turn increase the effective tax rate these corporations or individuals pay. Our international CPA firm can work with you to help you claim as many foreign tax credits as you can.

Our New York international tax accounting services include:

  • Avoid double taxation issues
  • Understand the pros and cons of claiming foreign tax credits
  • Claim foreign tax credits each year
  • Determine exclusions and maximum allowable tax credits by country
  • Carryback or carry forward of foreign tax credits

We provide international tax advisory services aimed at helping you improve your foreign tax credit limitation. Call Joe Wolf today at 212-944-2555 to discuss how our New York international tax CPA firm can help you with Foreign Tax Credit Planning. You can also sign up for a consultation online.