Transfer Pricing

Our team works with multinational companies to define, manage and plan for transfer pricing. Our services include the preparation of domestic and worldwide documentation designed to comply with local requirements, assistance with the alignment of tax planning objectives and business objectives, and assistance with the assessment and management of tax risk.

When related businesses conduct transactions across borders, whether they exchange goods, services, or otherwise license or transfer property, it is known as transfer pricing. Having a good plan for Transfer Pricing can result in significant savings on your global tax rate while ensuring that your company is complying with tax regulations in both countries.

With scrutiny of these transactions by the tax authorities from both countries increasing, our New York CPA firm has worked with many multinational companies to manage and plan for transfer pricing. We'll work with you to ensure your transfer pricing strategy is aligned with your business goals and tax planning objectives and help you save more on taxes.

Our Transfer Pricing services include:

  • Development of global transfer pricing policies
  • Advanced pricing agreements
  • Documentation requirements to reduce penalty exposure
  • Pricing and cost analysis to minimize foreign taxes
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • FIN 48
  • Functional and risk assessment
  • Intercompany pricing analyses
  • Cost sharing agreements
  • Dispute resolution

Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP can assist you in establishing clear transfer pricing policies so you can reduce your global effective tax rates and reduce the potential for a costly audit. Call Joe Wolf today at 212-944-2555 to discuss how our New York International Tax CPA firm can help you with your Transfer Pricing needs. You can also sign up for a consultation online.